Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Located in the south western part of Uganda Rwenzori National Park is home to the third highest peak on the African continent Margarita which stands at 5109 meters above sea level on Mountain Rwenzori. This 996 square kilometers land lies across the Uganda Congo boarder with a beautiful landscape to share with its visitors. Comprised of moorland, bamboo and moist montane forests, this park is home to some of the endemic species of it’s over 217 species of birds and about 70 species of mammals some that include but not limited to the Moon Striped Mouse, Rwenzori Horse Shoe Bat, the Rwenzori Otter Shrew and the Rwenzori Turaco.  Its local name is Ruwenzori “cloud king” which was given to it by the renown explorer Henry Stanley. It is known as the mystical challenge which has been taken on by strong hearted and adventurous travelers to Uganda on a complete 9-12 days Margarita challenge that usually hikers spend discovering this snowcapped mountain. It is advisable to go for hiking during the dryer season month of June to September as it’s harder during the rainy season months.