Mount Elgon National Park

This is another boarder sharing park between Uganda and Kenya. It is located in Eastern Uganda in the districts of Mbale Manafwa, Kween, Bududa, Bulambuli, Kapchorwa and Sironko. It is about 330 km which is 4-5 hours’ drive from Kampala.  The mountain stands at a height of 4321 meters above sea level the eighth in Africa and it is an extinct volcano. The mountain rises from the broadest base of any freestanding mountain in the world whose formation is associated with the tectonic movements that created the rift valley some million years ago. Its diameter of 8 km makes it’s the largest mountain caldera in the world and it’s dotted with small crater lakes that were created as a result of glacial activities.

Mount Elgon is undemanding mountain to the hikers but has always been neglected. It has a wonderful scenic view from its Wagagai summit with the Sipi falls, crater lakes, and natural swimming pools and the lush montane forest. It is home to large mammals like the elephants, buffaloes, Sitatunga, common Duiker, leopards, bush pigs, and primates such as the black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys and with over 300 bird species have been recorded that include the Jackson’s Francolin, Moorland Francolin, Red Throated Wryneck, Hunter’s Cistcola, Alpine Chat among others.

Besides the mammals, Mount Elgon is home three tribes that are the Bagisu (Bamasaba tribe) Sabiny and the Ndorobo. The Bagisu (Bamasaba) and Sabiny are traditional farmers and they hold circumcision ceremonies to initiate the young teenagers into adult hood at the age of 18. The Bagisu (Bamasaba) consider Elgon to be the home of their forefather Masaba which is the name some of the locals call the mountain.  The mountain is also source of medicine and food mainly bamboo shoots for Malewa which is a local delicacy.