Kidepo National Park

Few tourists that make it as far north as Kidepo Valley are rewarded with not only the best selection of animals, but some of the most spectacular scenery in Africa. Situated up in the country’s remote north-eastern corner, Kidepo contains rolling savannas extending towards mountain ranges in three countries which are Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan.  In the recent past, it has won a number of travel accolades including being named one of the best game parks in Africa by CNN. It is home to the largest buffalo herds on the continent and together with its sprawling grasslands thus creating an amazing scenic display that can’t be matched by any other park in Uganda.

It’s also home to some of the puzzling mountain ranges. Besides the historic significance of the area, one can easily challenge themselves by climbing some rocks in the area and also visit the indigenous and conserved tribe of the IK people who are estimated to be a population of about 300 families (9000) people left.

The fact that it home to the famous Karamojong pastoralists, their culture is an addition to the amazing adventure in Uganda’s best kept Wilderness Park. You will have a chance to see most of the Buffalo herds, Elephants, Ostriches, Lions and the Cheetahs.