Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest

Located about 580 kilometers from the capital city of Uganda Kampala via Kabale town and one of the most unique and important forests in Africa. Bwindi has always been a refuge where forest species could survive when the forest elsewhere have died. It is also one of the richest forests in east Africa with 350 species of birds, 310 species of butterflies, 320 species of trees and also 120 species of mammals including 10 species of primates and the only park on the continent where the two apes co-exist that is the Chimpanzees and Gorillas.

This park has been of much importance to the locals as a source of livelihood. It supplies them with building materials, medicines, house hold utensils and also the source of clean and reliable water. The park has had some dwellers encroach on it hence destroying the nature of the eco system that the area boosts of by the actions of mining, clearance of land for agriculture and for the settlement because of the increased population.

In the means of increasing household income farmers and the locals have been sensitized by the Uganda Wildlife Authority by involving them in planning, such that the illegal activities that used to affect the wildlife like deliberate killing of the Gorillas do not happen and both sides must work together to plan the use of the parks resources because the people need the benefits of the forest and the forest needs the support of the people.

Bwindi’s complex ecosystem offers a lot to see, the guide who will assist you knows the trails, and they are familiar with the history, vegetation and animal life which makes them able to show you and explain to you so much that it would make your trip memorable.

Going on water falls loop trails, walks on the river banks, birding in the forest, nature walks and Gorilla tracking which is so far the best wildlife experience on the Continent of Africa are some of the activities travelers can get involved in.

Besides that there is also a cultural activity by one of the oldest people of the Great Lakes Region the Batwa where you will be introduced to their culture as you get educated in their traditional way of life in the forest and how they survived from the old times.