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Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, located in southwestern Uganda, on the edge of the western Rift Valley, covering an area of 331 sq km (128 sq miles). The forest, which was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, is a sanctuary for now more than half the world’s endangered specie of the apes the mountain gorillas, uganda boosts of more than 9 groups that have been fully habituated for tourism purposes and one dedicated for research. the families include but are not limited to Mubare and the Habinyanja groups. Bwindi is also famed for being the home of the Black and white Colobus monkeys, various species of chimpanzee,forest elephants, hundreds of species of birds and many other animals, including forest birds, snakes, lizards, chameleons and butterflies of which 42 species of them are endemic to this region. As well as animals, the park is home to huge trees covered in creepers, a bamboo zone and rare plants, including mistletoe and orchids forgetting not the cultural home of the oldest in habitats of the great lakes region the Batwa people. Trekking permits to see the gorillas are strictly limited and must be booked in advance.


Visit the ancient capital city and administrative town of Uganda visit to the education centre will fill you with wildlife history of the animals in captivity and get to enjoy every moment during the feeding time. Enjoy the botanical gardens and lakeside beach at Entebbe, the major gateway to Uganda for air travellers.

Forest Reserves

See the forest ecotourism projects at rainforest sites around the country. The Budongo Forest Reserve, situated near Masindi on the road to Lake Albert, is the largest mahogany forest in East Africa. Other forests worth looking at are the Kasyoha Kitomi Forest, near the Albertine Rift Valley and the Kalinzu Forest Reserve, in the South West of the country.

Fort Portal

Known as the land of milk and honey, it is also the home of the youngest monarch i the world King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukiidi the Fourth. it is the land of crater lakes and other geographical landforms. through it you can, explore the Ruwenzori Mountains, the hot springs in Bundibugyo and the Semliki Wildlife Reserve.


Visit the second-largest town in Uganda, Jinja, on the shores of Lake Victoria. The town is home to the source of the longest river in the world River Nile that was discovered by Speke in 1884. It has boat cruises on Lake Victoria at the Source of the Nile. It is the point on which the ashes of Mahatma Gandi was poured into River Nile and also the genesis of the world’s most adventurous whitewater rafting besides other water activities.


Explore Kampala, the capital. Set among hills with fine modern architecture, tree-lined avenues, cathedrals, mosques and palaces of the old Kingdom of Buganda, other sights include the Uganda Museum and the Kabaka Tombs on Kasubi Hill.


Set off for a climbing expedition in Kisoro, the starting point for trips to Mounts Muhavura and Mgahinga. Experienced mountaineers should head to Mount Elgon, the Rwenzoris and the Virungas for easy and medium climbs.


Go fishing in the many inland waters. There are seven lakes around Kisoro, which also offer duck shooting. There is a great opportunity for sport fishing at Murchison Falls National Park.


Go trekking in high mountains, lush hills, wetlands and arid lands. Treks include the Karamoja, the Central Circuit trail and the Sasa River Trail on Mount Elgon. Set in fertile and lush country near Mount Elgon, Mbale is popular.

White Water Rafting and Bungee Jumping

Experience huge waves surging around heavily forested islands whilst white-water rafting along the rapids of the White Nile, where the volume of water is equivalent to 10 times that of the Zambezi. Look out for hippos, crocodiles and monkeys along the way.test your adrenaline as you jump off the bungee to free fall 45 meters to tough the Nile waters in style.


View the best national parks in Africa – Uganda has 10, along with 10 wildlife reserves and seven wildlife sanctuaries. Ruwenzori National Park is regarded as one of the continent’s most spectacular. Kidepo Valley National Park described as the finest game park in the world due to it’s true wilderness and forget not Murchison falls national park home to the world strongest waterfalls among others.