Declared as one of the seven wonders of Africa, the source of the mighty River Nile in the eastern town of Jinja which is also known as the adventure capital of Uganda. It is on every visitor’s itinerary because of the history associated with it hence a must- see for everyone who has Uganda on their list of tourism destination

This is the genesis or the beginning of the journey by the world’s longest river as it kicks off its 6650km long journey and makes its way through South Sudan and Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea where it empties its waters. Standing where one of the great explorers John Speke stood in 1862, and taking take a picture with the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, with boat ride across the river and into Africa’s’ largest fresh water lake, Victoria, birding, primate watch and other wildlife are some of the activities that can be involved in while visiting thus making a trip to the source of the Nile simply priceless. Important to note is that the source of the Nile is also a magnet for white- water rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping, camping, nature walks through the road- hugging Equatorial Mabira Forest, and extensive sugarcane plantations, quad biking and house riding a reason behind the name it is known for as the Adventure capital. The River Nile also present adrenaline actives along its channel as the world’s white water rafting takes place and also Bungee jumping is done.