Culture tours in Uganda

Besides the Mountain Gorillas, in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and  Mgahinga National Park, the community area also provides the opportunity for tourists to meet and greet with the indigenous Batwa pygmies who live near it. These are the oldest people of the great lakes region who used live and depend on the forest for their survival. They were great hunters and fruit gatherers perhaps a reason  why they lived longer.  Their rich knowledge of the forest, herbs and survival skills introduces to the visitor a typical forest dweller’s lifestyle from using the forest as a pharmacy, garden, hardware store, place of worship, etc. and they are not the least shy about sharing their profound knowledge of the forest and its bounty .
Once there, they will demonstrate ancient practices such as hunting, building a pygmy hut, harvesting honey, traditional music and dancing for which they are famed. This is the closest you will get to the ancient life and with over 56 cultural differences, Uganda is one of the gifted destinations in the world when it comes to fresh and undiscovered cultural experiences.