You will know that your moments of truth in the jungles of Uganda have started after an early morning briefing at the UWA Uganda wildlife Centers in Bwindi. Dubbed as the best African wildlife experience, gorilla tracking has become everyone’s highlight on an African adventure safari.

Of course you would have booked yourself a gorilla tracking permit prior to your arrival either by your preferred safari planner as the process can be a bit tedious if you do it yourself. It is a requirement for this exciting activity which can last from 2 to 7 hours with a full 60 minutes when you are with the Gorillas in Bwindi the impenetrable forest of Uganda.

Bwindi is a large forest covering an area of 330 square Kilometers. It is located in the mountain ranges of the Virunga in the South western part of Uganda. It is located about 8 hours’ drive for the capital of Kampala and can be accessed by a chartered flight from Kajjansi to Kihihi as well.  It is home to the more biodiversity areas and in the world which also hosts more than half of the world’s population of the worlds endangered species the mountain gorilla.

The gorilla tracking experience begins with a full briefing of the dos and don’ts. You will have to assemble at the park headquarters at about 7:30 for the registration as a requirement by the park management. Together with your packed lunch, you will enter the forest led by the UWA rangers and some armed with the AK 47 for ensuring guest security while in the forest. Although the animals are habituated, precaution has to be taken in consideration as animals are not human.

Some of the regulation that the experience requires a tracker to exhibit include, observing silence while in the presence of these gentle giants which will give you a chance to view and hear more, moving slowly backwards in an event the gorilla approached you, not to waive your hands as gorillas might assume they are under attack, using flash when taking photos as it might frighten the gorillas forcing them to attack the visitors that have come for the tracking experience and not to drink or eat in front of these gorillas  and so many more.

Take pictures, selfies, breath in the fresh air of nature and reward your sight with scenic beauty as well as make history by becoming a graduate of gorilla tracking before you relax at your lodge to rewind on the day. Watch the sun as it retires from the day’s work and disappears through the thick forest in the comfort of your balcony.


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