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You will know that your moments of truth in the jungles of Uganda have started after an early morning briefing at the UWA Uganda wildlife Centers in Bwindi. Dubbed as the best African wildlife experience, gorilla tracking has become.
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Don’t forget the Batwa, Visit them

You have heard about the Batwa may be through reading books, journals, magazines among other documents of literature. But who are these “Batwa Pygmies” Well history has recorded them to be the oldest people of the great lakes region.
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Tourism stopovers to be created

Officials from the Tourism Development department of the Tourism Ministry as well as physical planners from the Ministry of Lands, have started the process of profiling specific stops along major highways with the view of transforming them into tourism.
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Us Conservation Model To Track Mountain Gorillas, Scale The Rwenzoris

Uganda’s minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Hon. Dr. Maria Mutagamba and Ms Marlina Moreno, a U.S Super Model wil leade a trek to Margherita, Peak of Mountain Rwenzori in January 2015 Following the successful hosting of the Africa.
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