Advanced Adventures desires to contribute to the economic and social development of the people of Uganda. We aim at identifying different needs in communities and meeting those needs in any way possible. This is the way we can keep on playing our role in the long term through sustainable economic, environmental and social development.

We are passionate about communities and making a difference as a business. At Advanced Adventures we always give back to communities; a percentage of our income always goes towards communities. We are currently contributing towards the provision of safe drinking water in western Uganda, Kyambura  village in Rubirizi district.

When you  travel on a safari with us, you are not only having an experience of a lifetime for yourself, but you are also making a difference in the community.

Our Current Community Project

Recently, we launched the Safe Drinking Water Campaign in Rubirizi District, Kyambura Village, Western part of  Uganda, with a commitment to address needs beyond those near the vicinity of our operations, focusing particularly on regions most affected by lack of clean drinking water. Following our ‘Safe Drinking Water Model, we are working to promote an attitude change in these communities and educating the people in rural areas that are greatly affected. For example, we have so far been able to carry out these sensitization campaigns in a number of villages in Rubirizi District Kyambura community, Western Uganda.

Advanced Adventures applies its Corporate Social Responsibility policy in a coherent way by means of consultation dedicated to its stake holders in order to better meet their expectations.

Our stakeholders include: the civil society, local authorities, customers and employees.

We focus on:

  • Clean water in communities.
  • Health care.
  • Education promotion.
  • Culture preservation.

When you  travel on a safari with us you are not only having an experience of a lifetime for yourself  but you are also making a difference in the communities you visit.

We are glad to have you on board as we change the lives of our communities giving them reasons to continue conserving, preserving and protecting our operating areas.