Our Commitment To You


Affordable Tours.

If your dream journey to the heart of Africa has been limited for years because of the costs of doing a safari, that shouldn’t be a limitation anymore. Our safari costing is always tailored to be affordable. What makes Advanced Adventures an exception is our ability to offer affordable safaris without compromising the tour experience of our clients and our guarantee to turn your Pearl of Africa safari desire from being just a dream to a possibility with our clean, and comfort services.

You Will Love every single day of your stay and we guarantee it.

After a safari with us, you will definitely want to come back to Uganda. With a rich blend of our professionalism and of course the hospitality that has been enjoyed by many Advanced Adventures travelers, we are confident that your expectations will be exceeded because that is what Advanced Adventures has become best known for.

Value for money.

We are everything we say that we are. If we promised it, you’ll definitely experience it. We are very clear in our terms and conditions. As Advanced Adventures, our passion is to ensure that every client gets value for their money and with our unquestionable integrity, we guarantee value for money that will enhance your experience in the Pearl of Africa a no forgettable experience.


The Ugandan people have been best known to be Africa’s most friendly people and that culture is no different from the culture at Advanced Adventures. Our team will go the extra mile to make sure that you are healthy and safe and that you are having a wonderful time.

Meet your Budget.

One of our newest solutions is our custom made safaris for individuals on a tight budget. These include our most popular short excursions, where you can tailor your safari, choose where you want to go and we’ll get you there, at a cost that is affordable and very cost effective, yet gives you much more value than what you are paying for.

How we make it possible.

With staff of over half a decade of experience in this field, Advanced Adventures has been able to establish a loyal patronage and has built a reputation for providing quality clean, comfortable and personalized wildlife safaris across Uganda. We simply deliver our promise. Your dream safari to Africa and Uganda in particular doesn’t have to be a dream but a reality with Advanced Adventures.

Right from the Airport pick up, your experience is guaranteed to be a memorable adventure; whether you are on a wildlife safari, educational tour, luxury safari, community safari, city tour, mountaineering, adrenaline safaris, birding safaris or short excursions. Our mission to provide clean and comfort safaris cannot be forgotten every time we are handling our client that is guaranteed on any adventure tour you choose. There are no hidden costs with us!


Cultural tours in the country

Uganda is blessed with citizens from different over 66 cultural and 4 regional local ethnic origins with different traditions, beliefs, customs, values, activities and behaviors. These entire attributes combined make a trip to Uganda a whole new cultural tasting experience worth living. Advanced Adventures arranges customized trips to make you experience these activities to and in their fullest. Traditional marriage ceremonies in these cultural setups should not be missed, activities forgetting not the of economic nature activities like  basket weaving, traditional dances, adulthood initiation ceremonies among Bagisu (Imbalu), visit to Batwa homesteads; traditionally dependent on the forests, visit traditional herbalists and fortune tellers to say more on your trip.

Educational and Volunteer tours

Advanced adventures pride is in refreshing the minds of people who seek knowledge and adventuring. From volunteering to research and work we design education rich trips that students can learn from, get exposed, and most of all appreciate nature while relaxing their minds while in the outside class room the environment hence instilling in people and the students the purpose and reason why the environment is a place we have to carry on for the generations to come.

Sights and Scenery

Nature has been extremely generous with Uganda. A gem and Pearl in its nature, her topography is extremely one of the best anywhere second to none. Sitting on the Equator line with her tropical climate makes Uganda get considerable amounts of two seasons of rainfall to make her green throughout the year. Block Mountains, powerful waterfalls which is the world’s strongest, escarpments, wester arm of the great East African rift valley, water bodies, folded mountain ranges and others will set any traveler yearning for more stay in this country described as Africa condensed.

Wildlife Safari Planning and Execution.

We have tailored some sample packages covering major tourism hot spots and catchment areas of Uganda’s tourism. We offer listening ears to your specific suitable areas and design one that suits your budget. Together we optimize your chances of visiting your places of interest at affordable rates in an agreed time frame. Be it wildlife area visits, bird watching, mountaineering, cultural tours anything, contact us and we will implement it to your satisfaction with utmost care and efficiency.

Gorilla permits booking.

Globally primates are highly endangered species and most especially Gorillas, yet Uganda is one of the countries few in the world blessed to have more than half of these gentle giants (400) in the world some still in existence in Uganda’s south western national parks of Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks and the capital of the world when it comes to hosting man’s closest relative chimpanzees. However chances of seeing them are limited with some restrictions to maximize chances of making them as natural as possible. Booking with us guarantees you a chance of having an hour with these primates in their habitats.

Mountain climbing expeditions

With the network of partnerships we have, and with years’ experience our partners have, they will add to your mountain climbing a great adventurous experience as you ascend these mystical challenges. As you climb Rwenzori Mountains which is the third highest mountain range on the continent, trek to the top of the biggest mountain calderas in the world Mount Elgon, is also our usual operating area. We welcome you to tame the untamable mountains of the moon and mountain of the Bamasaba.

!!!!…………We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Pearl of Africa……..!!!!!!!!